Licensing can be a complicated issue. However, we have tried to make it as simple as possible. If you are here, chances are you want to share your AI models and presets. However, you may want control over what can be done with those models and presets. We recommend you check out the creative commons website for your options in that regard. CC-BY is often a good choice as it's one of the least restrictive. Alternatively you can consider our AIDA-X Cloud license, this specifies that:

“The user may download and load the data file into software, and utilize or publish the outputs from said software resulting from use of the aforementioned data file, without royalty or restriction. The user may not upload, or otherwise republish, or distribute the data file, without express permission from the author of the aforementioned data file”.

Please note, AIDA-X Cloud does not, and will never, take ownership of the content on this website. We are a free and open source community, dedicated to hosting resources for musicians. Authors (uploaders) retain whichever rights they wish when uploading to AIDA-X Cloud.

More information: